There is never enough time! Time management gurus in our schedule-enslaved culture encourage me to implement models of discipline and efficiency. These time saving strategies help but rarely provide the contentment and joy for which I long.

An older Hungarian physician, whose life exudes peace in the midst of an almost impossible schedule, gave me some of the best advice yet. When asked how she deals with the frustration of having too much to do, she said, “Not a problem – whenever overwhelmed by my schedule, I turn to God. I ask Him what to do next and submit my efforts to Him.” I likewise want to yield my schedule to the Eternal One who abides unhindered by the constraints of time. In those moments when I do, my life becomes Spirit-guided rather than schedule-controlled.

Jesus modeled this concept of being guided by His Father's timing. The impending death of Lazarus did not bring Jesus running. (John 11:1-44) Rather, Jesus fulfilled God’s plan for His time by waiting two days before he acted. Jesus’ concept of time management reflected His view of the importance of work that had eternal purpose. He was not bound by our human need to get things done.

Are you as driven by the clock as I am? Join me this week in submitting our time to the purposes and plans of the One who lives in eternity and yet guides us in the present moment.


Sharing the journey with you,

Bob Snyder