The Second Law of Thermodynamics finds its living proof in my life! This law states:

All of life's processes manifest a tendency toward
decay and disintegration
with a net increase in entropy –
the state of randomness and disorder.

Yes, my life exhibits this propensity toward disorder and decay in many ways…

  • It is twice as easy to gain weight than to lose weight which leads to my “decay”
  • My desk at work when left to its own devices develops piles and disorder with a net increase in “randomness”

Actually the examples in my life are countless!

The Law of Thermodynamics evidenced in my spiritual life is astounding – disorder, lack of focus on Jesus, and a downward spiral in sensitivity to sin. Only the Spirit of God can counteract such a force. Thankfully, God offers me the opportunity to eliminate this disorder and decay in my spiritual life.

Will you join me with energy, discipline and intentionality because This is what the Lord says, Put your house in order because you are going to die? (Isaiah 38:1 NIV) 


Sharing the journey with you,

Bob Snyder