As I listened to the story of his journey to Jesus, I was amazed by his nonchalant transparency.  He described his family life growing up in North America having come from another country and an entirely different culture and religious tradition.  His journey went from an obedient, academically and athletically successful boy to a young man driven by status and greed (which produced material success) and a desire to be happy (which led to drugs and unrestrained sexual immorality).  His life became one of hiding the truth of who he really was.  I was stunned by his frankness.  How could he give such an open account of his sinful past?

His story ended with his description of the freedom, joy and assurance that only the sacrifice Jesus made for his life could bring.  He was now redeemed and free from the need to hide.  The result…a changed life and a burning passion to share the good news with others.  However, he is no different than Adam and Eve.

The first question recorded in the Bible is God asking, Where are you? (Genesis 3:9 NIV)   Adam and Eve, having just sinned, were hiding.  I, too, find myself hiding from God and others when I sin.  But God has provided the antidote.  Even as a follower of Jesus, I need to come out of hiding and continually avail myself to the cleansing blood of Christ.  Then and only then am I free…without shame.

Will you join me in coming out of hiding?  This is hard but oh so liberating.


Sharing the journey with you,

Bob Snyder