I want to share with you a book I read during my long flight to Malaysia this month. It is called Blind Spots: Why Smart People Do Dumb Things by Dr. Madeleine Van Hecke. I quickly identified with the key point of this book – that people have blind spots where the obvious is not always so obvious. I learned about some blind spots which can cause me to make foolish decisions, such as when I can’t see the forest for the trees, when I do not stop to think, or when I jump to conclusions. Blind spots, trust me, are not good things!

This book reminded me that Jesus cares about blindness. Jesus certainly healed physical blindness during His days on earth. But He spent the bulk of His time speaking about spiritual blind spots, as He revealed who He was and the plan and purpose God had for His people. Jesus did this in order that men and women would be restored to the shalom – wholeness and hope – God originally intended for mankind.

But spiritual blind spots still exist – certainly in me. Without the removal of spiritual blind spots, I cannot clearly see the hope to which God has called me. The Apostle Paul prayed for the removal of the spiritual blind spots afflicting my heart:

 I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you.               (Ephesians 1:18 NIV) 

This week, may we go to the source of “spiritual blind spot removal” and allow God to restore our sight and renew our hope.


Sharing the journey with you,

Bob Snyder