In 1904 London-based Gresham Life Assurance Company began construction of its foreign headquarters, the Gresham Palace. This beautifully extravagant example of Art Nouveau architecture was located in the heart of Budapest, Hungary on the Danube River. However, the ravages of two world wars and life under Soviet rule brought the building into disrepair. In 2001, this magnificent edifice was restored to its original elegance by the Four Seasons Hotel chain. Entering this hotel reminds me that returning something of beauty to its original condition can be a breath-taking work of art!

My relationship to God at times resembles the Gresham Palace. The original construction in the image of the Creator Himself is magnificent. Yet the foundation, the walls and the roof of my life deteriorate quickly as my sinful nature creeps into the construction like acid eating away concrete.

God provided a great restorer – Jesus. When asked, the Divine Craftsman steps in and closes the cracks. My unsteady foundation becomes firm when He becomes the object of my affection. My crumbling walls suddenly become strong when I submit to the Craftsman’s will. The leaking roof of my pride stops leaking by humbly obeying the One I say I love.

Only Divine concrete will do. David knew that when he cried out

"Restore us, O God Almighty,
Make your face shine upon us, that we may be saved".                       (Psalm 80:7 NIV) 


Sharing the journey with you,

Bob Snyder