I need a haircut and I do not have time! You can bet that when I am too busy for a visit to the barber, there are many more important things not getting done. Busyness can cause me to sacrifice the most important issues of the present in order to focus on anxious thoughts of my immediate “to do” list.

Jesus’ friend, Martha, found herself in a similar state. The enormity of the task of preparing an unexpected dinner for Jesus and his disciples left Martha distracted. Jesus admonished her that her anxious attention to the preparations had deprived her of an important choice – to sit and listen to Him, as her sister Mary was doing. Choosing to focus on the future needs instead of the immediate opportunity left Martha worried and upset. (Luke 10:38-42 NIV)

Jesus said, “Mary has chosen what is better.” (Luke 10:42a NIV)

When I allow the busyness of my life to disrupt my time spent at the feet of Jesus, I am often left anxious and upset. The opportunity for peace and joy and the privilege of being and doing what He desires of me is lost. Some could argue that I might spend too much time at the feet of Jesus and “not be practical”. I have a long way to go before the balance is tipped in that direction.

Will you join me in not allowing the distractions of this life to prevent us from spending time with the One we say we love?


Sharing the journey with you,

Bob Snyder