My “meticulous-planning personality” helps me capture more time. Early in our marriage I naively thought that my wife, Pamela, could just fit into my schedule without any consultation. I quickly learned that doesn’t work.

Could this possibly be the way I operate with God? I meticulously plan my life with Him in mind but without talking to Him and considering His plans. I even have the audacity to ask Him to bless MY plans.

Nehemiah got it right. While in exile in Babylon, he heard about the troubled and disgraced remnant of Jews and the destruction of Jerusalem. He prayed and prepared. Then he waited for God’s time to act. When the King of Babylon gave Nehemiah permission to go to Jerusalem, he executed the plan that God had given him. (Nehemiah 1 and 2).

On the other hand, Abraham and Sarah gladly accepted God's covenant promise and plan for them. But when the timing of God's plans did not fit Abraham’s and Sarah’s expectations, they devised and executed their own plan. The results were disastrous. (Genesis 15 and 16)

I am learning that pray-filled planning, then waiting for God’s timing, is better than my plan with my timetable. Waiting is difficult. Will you join me on the journey of seeking His plans and waiting for His signal?


Sharing the journey with you,

Bob Snyder