Life lessons can be found in unusual places.  For instance, Jesus while walking with his disciples said,

Now learn a lesson from a fig tree. . . Mark 13:28 NLT

As Donald Grey Barnhouse used to say, “All of life illustrates Biblical truth.”  So on my journey it behooves me to keep my eyes open for what God has in mind to teach me.

Jesus was always teaching His disciples on the go. Common life circumstances provided fodder for His teaching. Ever since I worked on a farm as a teenager, I have been captivated by His lessons from the farm – cultivating, sowing and harvesting (John 4:36-38).

Some of the deepest insights from God can come from the most simple of life situations. Won’t you join me in keeping our eyes and hearts open for the lessons God has for us in the places that we find ourselves this week?


Sharing the journey with you,

Bob Snyder