I am always looking for deep spiritual truths in great teachings or spectacular events. However, I rarely look for valuable lessons awaiting me in the mundane of life. Pearls of wisdom often elude me as I hurriedly pass through the simple routines of daily living — not seeing the bigger picture God has intended for me to see.

Brother Lawrence's understanding of life, compiled in Practicing the Presence of God, shows how mundane objects such as a barren tree in winter or the mundane tasks done in a monastery kitchen can reveal God's truths.

Jesus often spoke of the mundane. He taught using soil, seeds and weeds (Matthew 13:3-30 NIV). He taught using sheep, wineskin, withered fig trees, mustard seed and yeast, money, vineyards and lamps. Not only were they profound teachings but an invitation for response. That response will shine in "the way we eat, the way we work … the way we think, the way we dream, the way we die." (The Common Ventures of Life, by Elton Trueblood)

Join me in looking for God's lessons in the mundane and living out the truths He reveals through His Spirit.


Sharing the journey with you,

Bob Snyder