It all began with an innocent outing to buy a particular Christmas gift. As I drove to the mall, my mind was occupied and my heart was content. I picked out the gift and headed to the cashier where my eyes were inundated with the most intriguing high-tech gadgets. I immediately felt I needed them.

The management of the store had accomplished their desire – to transform me from a rather apathetic shopper into an engaged, coveting one! On my journey home, I reflected on how easily I had become a covetous shopper through intentional exposure. Exposure acts as a key to the heart. When exposed to good things, we respond. When exposed to bad things, we also respond.

Is that not why God provided His Word – so that we can be exposed to it? Influenced by it? Changed by it? It is a matter of exposure.

God so wanted to influence us that

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us… ”                    (John 1:14a NIV)

He wanted us to be exposed to the real and living God. Just as my heart was changed in an instant at the cashier, how much more can my heart be changed by the Living Word and the Living God?

This week, let us be mindful to what we are exposed and choose what is good and excellent.


Sharing the journey with you,

Bob Snyder