As I was growing up, I did not dance. Flowing back and forth on the dance floor was not encouraged in my culture. Years later I have often found myself sitting at a table by the dance floor as a spectator at social events. Even with my wife's loving encouragement, watching rather than participating has felt much more comfortable. My wife's loving threats about ballroom dancing lessons have to this point been dodged!

Dancing can refer to more than the strides on a dance floor. A recent anonymous quote gives a new perspective to the word "dance".

"Hope is listening to the melody of God's word for the future, Faith is dancing to that melody in the present."

Faith is a precious commodity but requires an active participation. The disciples discovered this truth while on a boat in the midst of a storm (Luke 8:22-25) The fear of drowning caused the disciples to awaken the sleeping Jesus who asked, "Where is your faith?" The disciples had heard the melody of God's word but had failed to dance to it in faith.

We, at times, find ourselves passively worrying about this and that instead of participating in our faith and trusting the promises of God. This week, let us dance to the celestial strains provided by the Creator. Let us not just look at the musical notes; for "dancing" produces an eternal melody that makes our feet swift and graceful.


Sharing the journey with you,

Bob Snyder