During a continuing medical education seminar, the lecturer made the following statement, "Many in this room need to take themselves much less seriously while taking their life’s work much more seriously. . . but your work in life is not your career or vocation." Certainly he was speaking to me concerning taking myself less seriously. I can’t help myself. It has been a life-long affliction.

But if I am to take my life’s work more seriously, what would that look like as a follower of Jesus? The disciples asked Jesus what works God requires. Jesus responded,

"The work of God is this: to believe in the One he has sent."                     (John 6:29 NIV)

My life's work of doing for Jesus should flow out of who I am.

  • And who I am results from believing in Him
  • And believing and abiding in Him results in fruit.
  • And He says if I remain in him, He will remain in me
  • and the result will be much fruit. (John 15:4)

As we concentrate on the work of believing and abiding, God does His work in us resulting in a life that pleases God’s heart. Now that is a serious life’s work!

Let’s take ourselves less seriously this year and embark upon a serious life’s work. 


Sharing the journey with you,

Bob Snyder