Do you sometimes hate those first meetings with people? You know the kind that university life seems to be packed with: Hey. How are you? What’s your major? What dorm do you live in?


Over and over again when all we really want is to just to kick back and be comfortable with each other. But there are those times you gotta go through the awkward to get to the comfortable.

So: we’re Chi Alpha. We’re great, thanks for asking! We don’t have a major – although we are a Campus Ministry here at Washburn! We’re a network of Christian students that look a little bit different and act a little bit different than each other – but here’s what you’re always sure to find: college-age men and women who are at once wrestling to become who they are (through school or work or life experience), and to connect with God. You’ll probably find people who are in all kinds of stages of both pursuits: self-discovery and God-discovery.

Those are the quick get-to-know-us stats. If you’d prefer to read more about us, you can dig in to find what we believe, why we exist, who we’re sponsored by, what’s up with our name, how we got here, current (inter)national happenings, and lots of other stuff. But, we’d love to get to the part where we can hang out and be comfortable together – so if you’re ready for that, you might just want to jump to our contact us page to shoot us a message. We can’t wait to meet you – awkwardness and all

Major: Atmospheric Science

Chi Alpha is a great place to meet new people and experience the love of Christ. Chi Alpha is a community and place of fellowship. Chi Alpha means a lot to me because is has been the one thing that has changed my life. Chi Alpha has given me friends for a lifetime and lifetime of change!

Dalton Hoffman

Major: Anthropology and Speech-Language Hearing

Chi Alpha is an all encompassing group. It has a lot of benefits that include having a set time to come and learn about God, as well as having a varied group of friends to spend time with, call for support, and go out and do things with!

Olivia Cooper

Major: Finance

Chi Alpha’s been a great Christian Family for me, especially when I am on such a large, diverse campus. Its great to have people to lean on when your faith isn’t shared by many of the people that surround you.

Donna Craven